• Overall evaluation of specific projects.

  • Reviews and edits of first draft of screenplays/scripts & note sessions with writers/creative team, focusing on story and emotional content, dialogue, structure and character development.

  • Detailed script analysis & note sessions with writers.

  • One-on-one interviews to provide confidential insight and conceptual development for feature screenplays/television scripts.

  • Early stage development including the research and development of the initial concept & story sessions to create outline and blue-print for film/series, draft supervision, and script notes including script editing and analysis.

  • On-set services for the production of existing and new films and shows, providing accuracy for location and on-screen portrayal of story/characters.

  • One-on-one services for actors, including sessions to better learn & understand their characters and roles.

  • Other customized services, after initial consultation to evaluate specific needs.