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In Between the Lines is a boutique agency that provides expert psychological consulting, mental performance & health coaching services to high-performing creatives, entrepreneurs and athletes in the entertainment (film/tv) and sports industries.



In Between the Lines provides mental performance and health coaching services to enhance optimal psychological and physical health to support the achievement and sustainment of elite performance in their personal and professional lives.


In Between the Lines also provides psychological expertise to entertainment industry professionals in order to research, develop, write and produce films and television shows based on clinical and forensic psychological concepts, research, and real world application and experience. In Between the Lines aims to provide authenticity to ideas, plots, storylines and characters by assisting with the writing, development and public portrayal of new feature films and television series. In addition, In Between the Lines provides direct support on-set to directors, producers and teams during any stage of production or pre-production to address and prevent secondary trauma and/or mental health issues in order to sustain a healthy, collaborative, well-functioning set.

In Between the Lines also aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of psychological disorders in the entertainment and sports arenas in order to demystify and de-stigmatize mental health, to increase general awareness and better respond to mental health related disorders/crises for the community at large.



To educate, inspire, support and empower individuals, teams and the community at large in achieving and sustaining mastery in optimal and elite health and mental health wellness through transformational healing, growth, and embodiment

of true authenticity through all areas of life.

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